1080/Pindone and Ejector training

In Australia, red foxes are secretive, opportunistic predators and scavengers with few natural predators. They have economic and environmental impacts, posing a threat to livestock, and playing primary role in the decline and extinction of many native animal and bird species. Similarly, European rabbits are Australia’s most widespread and destructive environmental and agricultural vertebrate pest, reducing crop yields and adversely affecting native species and livestock through competition and land degradation.

Weddin Landcare in partnership with Central West Local Land Services will be holding a short training course for landholders to obtain the required certification to use 1080 and Pindone baits on their properties. Additionally, training will be  available on the use of the Canid Pest Ejector (CPE). The day will also include a demonstration on the use of pig traps which will be available for loan to Weddin Landcare members.

The training course will provide landholders with a clear understanding of 1080 and Pindone use and their respective legal obligations. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive chemical accreditation for five years.

The course will cover baiting techniques, toxicity, storage, transport requirements, legislation, WHS, use of CPE’s, and will also cover a new fox bait option, PAPP.

The course will be held in Grenfell on Thursday 2nd March. Course cost is $50 per person and attendees will receive som subsidisation of baits from Weddin Landcare. Bookings are essential as places are limited. Please contact Mikla Lewis for further details on 0499 199 016 or email weddin@lachlandcare.org.au

Fox Bait Training Course