Reducing Waste Resources For Weddin

We have been on a journey collecting resources for our Reduce Household Waste Workshops. There is so much helpful information out there to keep you inspired and we wanted to share a few with you.

With the majority of Australia’s household waste ending up in landfills, any small thing you can do to reduce waste really does help improve and protect our natural environment.

Rubbish covering the shore next to a lake.


Composting your kitchen and garden waste is one way to make a huge impact and potentially cut your household rubbish in half. Plus you have the added benefit of creating your own natural fertiliser and returning nutrients into the soil.

Download our simple guide to composting.

Composting pet waste requires some extra care to avoid introducing pathogens into your garden. Milkwood has put together a great guide on how to manage it.

See how Milkwood processes pet waste here.

Waste Free Living

There are thousands of things you can do in the home to help reduce waste. We’ve put together a guide on some of the easiest habits to form to get you started.

Download our helpful waste reduction tips here.

Erin Rhodes writes a zero-waste and sustainable living blog for daily zero-waste inspiration. It’s not just what we do with waste, but it’s also considering waste before we buy new things.

Find Erin’s Zero Waste and Sustainable Living blog here.

Lindsay Miles is another zero-waste advocate who writes about steps to take towards a joyful and clutter-free life.

Learn how to declutter your life here.

Find recycling near you

We have compiled a quick guide on where you can recycle in and around Weddin including Return and Earn stations, battery and e-waste drop-offs, bulk cardboard collection points, and drum musters.

Download our recycling guide here.

For anything not on our list, Planet Ark has set up a comprehensive database of where you can recycle household waste. Just use the search bar to find your closest recycling centers.

Check out the Planet Ark recycling database here.

Knowing what you can and can’t recycle

Recycle Mate removes the guesswork out of what you can recycle, ensuring your rubbish goes in the right bin. Select your location, and select the specific product you are unsure about (clear plastic meat tray, milk carton, cereal box, etc.). It will tell you which bin to use, and the condition the container needs to be in to be recycled, and if you don’t have access to kerbside bins it will direct you to your closest recycling centre.

Start searching on Recycle Mate here.

Simple Living

Slowing down, cutting back, and working out what you need can lead to a simpler less wasteful, and less expensive life. Rhonda Hetzel has been documenting her journey for years.

Read more about simple living here.

Food saving

When you have fresh food starting to go off in the fridge and you don’t want to throw it out, this book can help you find a use for it! Sorted alphabetically, and covering fruit, vegetable, and pantry staples you can find the item and a simple recipe.

Check out The Food Saver’s A-Z book here.

Stay informed

There are some brilliant people out there making a difference in reducing waste and kickstarting the circular economy.

Craig Reucassel does an amazing job showing the immensity of Australia’s waste problem and dives deep on steps we can take to make a real impact in his show War On Waste.

Catch up on the lastest War On Waste episodes here.

These are just a few of the great resources available to help reduce waste in the home. If there are any resources that have been useful to you we would love to know about them! Please send them to so we can share them.