Small Environmental Grants 2024

The Weddin Landcare Small Environmental Grants 2024 are now open!

These small grants aim to assist landholders within the Weddin Landcare District establish or improve native vegetation on their property to reduce the impact of natural hazards by addressing wind and water erosion; providing shade and shelter to livestock, pastures and crops; improving habitat for native wildlife; and increasing biodiversity. 

Native tube stock from Weddin Community Native Nursery

Funding will help cover the cost of trees/shrubs and guards and a portion of fencing, if required. Weddin Landcare will work with applicants to determine project costs and the potential cost-share arrangements. As an indication, funding would cover up to 50% of total project costs to a maximum amount of $4,000 per project, depending on the project type.

The type of projects Weddin Landcare is looking to support landholders undertake are:

  • Direct seeding or revegetation using tubestock of new sites;
  • Enhancement plantings in existing remnants or old tree plantings;
  • Riparian plantings, shelterbelts, targeted plantings to reduce erosion, plantings to improve connectivity (biodiversity/wildlife corridors or stepping stones);
  • Fencing to protect new plantings or remnant vegetation to encourage regeneration.

Applications must be received by email or post marked before 5pm on Friday 12 July 2024.

The funding is limited and competitive, which may mean that not all applications will be funded. Please ensure you have read the Grant Guidelines prior to submitting your application. To be eligible, your project will need to meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Guidelines.

This project has been made possible through funding from Landcare NSW’s People Led Prevention Project.

Landcare NSW’s People Led Prevention project empowers communities across regional NSW in developing disaster resilience and preparedness skills. The Disaster Risk Reduction Fund is jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Governments.