Vaughn’s Dam Reserve Masterplan Finalised

Following several more individual consultations with interested neighbours and community members, the Masterplan for Vaughn’s Dam Reserve has now been finalised. 

Sally Bourne has provided 1:500 and 1:1000 scale copies of the plan in both digital and hardcopy formats along with a schedule of works, planting lists, material samples and other details. A huge thank you to Sally for all her work.

Claire, Sally, Melanie and Mikla holding the presentation plan

The plan, which was funded through the ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program, proposes an inclusive, educational, culturally dynamic and natural community space whilst managing important habitat for local flora and fauna at Vaughn’s Dam Reserve. It is envisioned that the area will be used for a variety of purposes including recreation (eg. bushwalking, bird watching); health and wellbeing purposes; environmental education; Aboriginal culture demonstrations, yarning and knowledge sharing; youth activities; conservation of the flora and fauna; and grazing. Elements of the draft Masterplan include:

  • Designated parking area for cars and small buses along Holy Camp Rd, obscured by plantings.
  • Rock or log bollards to prevent vehicles from entering the Reserve (except for grazing or management purposes)
  • Natural pathways through the Reserve and several creek crossings 
  • Signage to describe the natural features and history of the Reserve
  • Plantings of endemic species to enhance and extend the Box-Gum Grassy woodland
  • Firebreaks and access ways for neighbours
  • Natural seating areas
  • Vertical timber plints to add interest and perching habitat
  • Cultural meeting place, immersion circle, yarning circles and dancing circle. In the centre of the Reserve will be three pathways that imitate the 3 rivers important to Wiradjuri people, the Murray, the Murrumbidgee and the Lachlan, with the cultural circle placed in the location that Grenfell lies in relation to these rivers.
  • The dam, creek and woodland area will remain relatively untouched.

No permanent structures (that cannot be easily removed) will be built in the Reserve. Ability to graze the site and conduct regular maintenance eg. weed control will be retained.

We hope that both locals and visitors will make greater use of the Reserve and educational and cultural activities will be held throughout the year. With the new pre-school and the high-school being located close-by, the Reserve will be utilised by these for outdoor education.

This planning phase of the project has now been completed and we will now work closer with Local Land Services and other key stakeholders to apply for funding for elements of the plan. 

Coloured plan of proposed works to Vaughn's Dam Reserve