Weddin Landcare Strategic Plan 2023 -2027

The Weddin Landcare Strategic Plan was put together based on discussions and outcomes from the planning day held with the Weddin Landcare Steering Committee on Wednesday 26 July 2023.

The planning day helped to define our vision, mission statement, goals and over-arching objectives for the next four years, as well as establishing what resourcing we might need in terms of employees and other support.

When asked why the Steering Committee volunteered with Weddin Landcare, some of the answers included:

“Sharing of passion and knowledge and learning”
“I feel an ongoing commitment to the promotion of better natural resource management”
“To make a difference”
“Being involved with people who care”
“Social interaction and networking”
“The environmental connection through Landcare activities is uplifting”

It’s this sentiment that we want to carry forward into the next four year program. It’s fed into the vision and mission we developed for Weddin Landcare.


Weddin Landcare Strategic Plan 2023-2027